Employment Data Report

Gain transparency regarding your information in The Work Number® database by requesting your Employment Data Report (EDR). Request and instantly review the information we have in your file and see those who have obtained your information.
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Additional Ways TO ACCESS
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More Ways to Access Your Employment Data Report
In addition to instant online access, the options below are available.
Contact our Client Service Center at 866-604-6570 to request a copy of your report by phone.
Fill out the Employment Data Report Request Form and mail it to the address provided. Your report will be mailed to you.
Protecting the privacy and security of your information is important to us. To request an Employment Data Report via email, please send an email to EDR@equifax.com requesting your information.

Upon receipt of your email, an Employment Data Request Form will be sent to you utilizing our secure email feature, Virtru. Virtru protects your messages and attachments. To learn more about how Virtru protects you, please visit us at virtru.com/intro.

Gain Transparency Regarding Your Information

An Employment Data Report provides you with transparency regarding your information on The Work Number.
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Managing Your Personal Data
You have a number of options available to manage your personal information in The Work Number database. 
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Dispute Your Employment Data

Submit a free dispute of your information in The Work Number database.
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Freeze Your Employment Data

Restrict access to your employment data in The Work Number database.

Employment Data Report Video

View a quick video demo on how to request an Employment Data Report from The Work Number website.